Introducing House of KAV

House of KAV is dedicated to preserve and revolutionize both traditional craftmanship and contemporary inventiveness by providing a platform to all artist communities to showcase their handiwork. Because preserving art is the priority.

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  • KAV Essentials

    Comfortable and functional Business Chic outfits that reflect personality both in an office meeting and an evening out!

  • KAV Atelier

    Book an one on one appointment with us for bespoke design consultancy

    Pick your preferred exclusive piece for your next show-stopping moment!

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    Before we launch any collection to market, we will shine the spotlight on the upcoming pieces for a few hours. This is the opportunity for our loyal customers to get a sneak peek at the new collection before they hit the market! Additionally, this is your chance to grab your favourite designs at a privileged price!

    So, subscribe today to be informed about our spotlight hours and grab our limited collection at a special price.

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Pink Spring| Signature scarf collar dressPink Spring| Signature scarf collar dress
Blue kala cotton| Flat collar dressBlue kala cotton| Flat collar dress