Art Styles


Creativity with a twist. 

The question is did you see it coming?

Indian Regional Art

The fabric or material quality, design, color, method of weaving, and embroidery are extremely varied across the length and breadth of the country.

Local artisans and weavers are the torchbearers for creative inspiration. They carry skills that have been passed down generations and give a nod to our heritage. these crafts are no less than the breezy, sparkling and majestic rivers merging to form the most diverse and prolific heritage and culture of all times.

House of KAV highlights regional textiles in an elevated manner. This will help said artisans to enhance their lives and while educating everyone on our vast culture.

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Contemporary Art

In the manner that textile techniques have transferred into contemporary art, the House of KAV intends of merging contemporary art into textiles. Artworks will be transferred onto fabrics to elevate them and create artistic outfits that can be added to your everyday wardrobe!

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Some of the latest Contemporary Art