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House of KAV

Blue Doodle| Trumpet skirt

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A perfect compliment to our flat collar crop top!


Contemporary Art- Doodle 1 (blue) on Pure Chanderi

This artwork belongs to a book of handmade designs by our founder, Kavya Agarwal. It is named doodle 1 to reflect that creativity cannot be curbed since this was made in her schooldays during class hours!

While the original artwork is in black given how permanent that seemed as a child, House of KAV now presents this artwork in more soothing summer colors. Blue, very rightly signifies a time to calm down, take a break and relax. We kid you not, those are the exact feelings you will experience when you don these artworks! 


Paired with the appropriate top, this skirt complements both a work day to night out.


  • Starts around your waist rather than hip to make you feel more comfortable in how you look.
  • Has a concealed pocket to store small things like credit card and phone.